About Callista Bags, online webshop in Scandinavian & Italian fashion bags


                           We just love bags.

    Some people love food, some love soccer, some shoes.

                         But we….we love bags.


Not just any bag, but bags which will last a life time. Over the years we have learn to love design, is our knowledge of material and craftmanship grown. The bags we own ourselves are all made of leather. Some old, but still as beautiful as when we bought them. Even more beautiful, because high quality leather ages in a way most people want to age. The bags we own the longest are the bags we love the most and will stay with us for many years to come.

The bags we love are our handbags, shoulder bags, clutches, back packs, travel bags and many more.

Therefor, the bags we sell to you must give you the same feeling. This means that our bags must have a design which will last a lifetime and must be made of a quality that will last a lifetime. So no fast fashion but slow fashion, design which is contemporary and simple. Our leather is preferable full grain in stead of top grain. Full grain is the strongest and most durable leather. It will resist moisture well and over time, it will look nicer and nicer and develop a patina for being handled.

And as have to take care of the generations to come, we have to take care of our world. Better one good bag for life than one you trough away each season. We specifically look for bags which are naturally tanned and handled environmentally friendly.

Tuscany Leather bags from Italy - Saddler leather bags from Sweden